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Holey Tights


Your roommate XXLayna is back from Vegas vacation, but she's not alone: meet Melanie. Girls met there, fell in love, and... got married! Now, Melanie will be living with you. You never even dreamed of staying with two such hot babies nearby. XXLayna introduces you to her newlywed wife as the best personal trainer she knows. Lovely red-haired Melanie asks you for a brief stretching class because she feels tired after the flight. When girls start exercising under your guidance, you notice they don’t have panties under their tights. Their thrilling butts and tight pussies drive you crazy. Since XXLayna and Melanie have so much fun together, they bring you into their game. You start rubbing their pussies and boobs, then you impatiently tear their tights and put your aroused cock into their pussies. Spouses take turns to jump on your cock from back and front: while one fucks you, the other licks your nipples and kisses your lips. After you make them cum multiple times, girls reward you with a deep and sweet blowjob. They whisper dirty things to your ears, bringing their perky and juicy tits so close to your face. Since their pussies are insatiable and wet, you move to the bedroom to continue fucking together. You guys change all the possible positions and moan with pleasure. Melanie begs you to fill her up with your cum. After you fulfill her wish, XXLayna licks her pussy out and swallows your cum. Aren’t they the best roommates you ever had?

01:39:54 Minutes
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Release date:
01 December 2023
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