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Knockout Blow


In this new and hot VR porn scene, you and Kelsey Kane meet in a boxing ring for a private lesson. Your task is to teach her new punches and how to dodge hits. Unexpectedly, she knocks you out. Kelsey is worried and tries various ways to bring you back to consciousness. You both know that the only way to keep your blood pressure in check is... Kelsey strokes your cock through your shorts and then bares her beautiful breasts. It seems her help is starting to work. Kelsey goes further: she removes your shorts and kneels in front of you to deepthroat your cock. The dizziness from the knockout fades – but now you’re dizzy from Kelsey, her hot athletic body, and her begging you to fuck her. Take her from behind in the doggy, gently choking her and listening to her moans and dirty talk. This 3D sex movie takes your arousal to an unprecedented level. Lie down on the floor and watch as the gorgeous Kelsey rides you in cowgirl, but then she will lie on her back and ask you to put your cock back in and fuck her hard, after which you can please her with your tongue. Maintaining eye contact, watch and participate in this 180 VR porn until you cover her with your cum, which has been longing to come out.

00:35:21 Minutes
Viewing angle:
Release date:
07 June 2024


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