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Reasonable Delay


You're getting ready for work but can't find your shirt. Meanwhile, stunning and playful blondie Luna Luxe, wearing sexy pink babydoll lingerie, doesn't want to let you go. She hides your shirt and offers a little deal: you get what you need if you give her what she needs. Okay, but what does Luna want? She wants you to stay home a little longer and have some fun together. She starts touching your body tenderly and whispering sexy words to your ears, so you can’t resist her offer. Your cock gets harder in her hands, and she can’t wait to put it in her mouth and taste it all. Kiss her big soft lips and listen to Luna Luxe moaning with pleasure because you stayed with her this morning. She sits on your hips, spreads her legs, and puts your big cock into her wet pussy. Look how horny she jumps on it. Don't stop and go deeper inside Luna’s pussy from the bottom. Then move to the bed where you can enjoy each other fully. But remember: you still have work today. Your girlfriend Luna gives you a deep blowjob while standing with her ass right at your face. Try not to cum licking it. Luna turns around again to fuck your hard cock from back and front. Enjoy her perky boobs and juicy butt, fuck her hard, and give her a big and tasty load of cum. Now you can have your shirt back.

00:41:36 Minutes
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Release date:
15 December 2023
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