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Secret Service


You were assigned to guard the young and beautiful daughter of the newly elected president. Initially, there were two guards, but Molly Little asked her dad to leave only you because she likes you, even though you always wear black glasses and hide your face. This stunning girl laments that it's tough to maintain a private life when someone is constantly following her. She has been craving a cock for so long. Taking off your sunglasses, the mysterious security personnel makes her horny and purr with pleasure. Molly slowly takes her cocktail red dress and high heels off, licks your nipples, and gets to your cock, which is ready to serve her sexy and dangerous game. She gives you a blowjob and can’t wait to get on top of your cock and ride it fast and deep. She licks her juices from your cock after she cums. When you realize that there is no turning back, you move to the couch, where Molly gets on her knees and begs for your cock all the way inside her pussy. Then she turns around and asks you to keep pounding her hard. Eat her pussy, lick her toes, do whatever this princess asks you to do. Because have you ever dreamed of cumming inside the pussy of the president's daughter? It’s your time! Load her with sweet and warm cum as deep as possible.

00:51:43 Minutes
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Release date:
22 December 2023
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