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Under The Hood: The Trailblazing Mechanic


As you wait in the car, Selina Bentz returns and apologizes for the delay, unable to find her wrench. She inspects the car and listens to your complaints, then blushes and admits she’s not a mechanic – she just has a crush on you from the last party. She still offers to give you the full service, and you don’t mind. In this VR porn scene, Selina may not know how to work with cars, but she certainly knows how to work with cocks. She gives you a slobbery blowjob, getting you hard and ready. She then mounts you and rides you, moaning with pleasure. She’s so horny that she wants to taste herself on your cock after riding you. You get out of the car and take her from behind in a standing doggy style, pulling her hair and lightly choking her as she begs for more. Moving to the bed, Selina kisses you and licks your face – now it's your turn to taste her! Afterward, she grinds on you more, making you feel every inch of her tight pussy. Switching to missionary, you fuck her fast and hard until you finally cum on her pretty chest, watching as she savors every drop with pleasure. Well, you didn’t get your car repaired, but you got a lot more in this stunning 180 VR porn scene.

00:56:36 Minutes
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Release date:
31 May 2024


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